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"The Competition"


If you received this you have been selected personally by Ashton to attend as a VIP guest this this event


The Premier High Intensive Training Ground for Entrepreneurial CEO's, Business Owners, 

and Independent Contractors


Significant Egde events, LLC Presents:


La jolla, CA


Saturday 18th july

The Significant Edge™ Academy: Private One Day Business Intensive with Ashton Harvey

Being successful in business is not hard provided you have the right education and connections. This Private One Day Business intensive provides everything you need in order to thrive in the 21st century business environment . What you will receive: 
  • True masterminding and networking opportunities with Elite Professionals from across the nation.


  • Value Selling strategies to increase your SALES conversion rates 20%-30%. (Leads are great... SALES are BETTER)​​

  • The Uncommon, common sense approach to tapping into your creative side to developing high quality innovative ideas, products and services​​

  • The 3 essential skills for creating a massive & scale-able business.​​

  • 10 Pro tips to building unstoppable to confidence

  • Custom-built call/voicemail/ email prospecting touch cadence that with produce higher qualified leads. 

  • Walk away with a perfectly tailored sales script and sales pitch for 6-7 Figure contracts that creates a buying frenzy

Previous Events & Attendees

"A truly interactive experience that helped broaden my understanding of my industry. I leanerd so much from the interactive training. Thank you Ashton for puting on this amazing event" Gina C. Broker (Option One Realty) 

Two major Guarantees:

You will have fun

*Lunch and Dinner*


You will leave with Powerful network Of Business Leaders

The unique Fundamental Techniques and training cost Ashton in excess of 8,000 Hours and over 6 years of study to develop. The Significant Edge™ Intensive will teach you the proven key principles That lead to Massive growth all in one day.

We will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Where are you currently in business?


Deep in business debt, and unable to sustain a constant client leads. Sales are inconsisten, and you are trying to figure out how to pay the bills month over month. There is very little sence of dircetion and clarity. 


Your able to cover your bills. Your debt is slowly diminishing. Month over month you are making enough to stay in business, but not enough to start scaling your business


Your business is in full scale mode. Profit margins are increasing. Your in the green as a company with little to no business debt. Starting to expand. Looking to branch your company into new markets


Your business is making an impact in both your communities and with the clients you serve. You are building a legacy business that allows you to invest both your time and money into your passions and charities. You are able to give back in a MAJOR WAY

Please read carefully:


NOTE: This is not a conference. This is not a seminar. This is a full blown one day business acceleration and interactive training. We aim to create a true mastermind EXPERIENCE! Held at a very exclusive setting that will reveal to you a completely new way of executing in your business and organization.


NOTE: The content Ashton and his guest will be covering is 100% proprietary. You do not have permission to record or share the content with anyone.

Special Note: This event is designed to teach you the skills to connect with people who will help massively scale your business. COLLABORATION increases speed! In this new era of business its the fast that take out the slow. Increase your speed to market strategy by getting around fellow action taking entrepreneurial leaders like yourself!

An Event Like No Other Guaranteed:

This is an event that combines every aspect of learning including traditional training, tactile education, and a high level hands one on one role playing. Come prepared to launch your life and business to the next level. 

A message From Your Mentor

Ashton Harvey

"The Secret Weapon"

My goal is to impact the world through people like you. I aim to help you succeed through everything Sales, Leadership, Mindset, and Caring about people...I want to help you increase your income so you can increase your impact!

The level of how we play everyday determines the level of success we have when presented with a big opportunity. I guarantee that if you aren't fully embracing the content provided during the day, engaging and supporting the community, taking in all the gold that is here and fail to put together an implementation strategy by the end of the day... I will personally give your money back because we both know you just wasted your time. And for you to waste the most valuable thing we all poses is a true shame.

I want to put an end to the adage “People value what they pay for”... NO THEY DON'T... If they did, we wouldn't waste food, destroy clothes, buy books we never read, buy courses we never complete, go to conferences we never implement from, hire coaches and NOT listen, join a gym and don't go, and the many other things that we waste daily... PEOPLE VALUE AUTHENTICITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY!

If I hire a coach, I want them to call me on my B.S. If I hire a trainer and I show up late, I hope they tell me to go home and take a look at my life... If I hire someone, I want them to BE HONEST with me about what I need to succeed instead of lying to me and perpetuating a cycle by taking my credit card and saying it's ok you didn't do it... IT'S NOT OK Scammers will tell you that so they can keep charging you... Not me

My job is to make sure everyone has a breakthrough and I can only do that by ensuring people play at the highest level EVERYDAY in their life, not just when the spotlight is on... So here is my secret for you:

Make a commitment that if you are going to attend this Private One Day Business Intensive, you are going to:

1. Actively engage, follow instruction, put it in action, and help others do the same

2. Understand that having the elite group of people in the room by your side is a breakthrough in your business already based on how you play.

3. Not expect full time results with a part time commitment

4. If you are here to take, don’t bother showing up

5. Finally, pay attention to details because they dictate your success.

I see too many entrepreneurs and sales professionals "practicing" for the World Championship rather than realizing they are already in the game! If you are 100% in, and I mean 100% like your future depends on it, reserve your seat at the table today.

P.S. - Bonus, if you have heart-centered friends who care, and want to scale their impact and business, please add them to the group or invite them... I have some creative ideas for gifts for people who refer others :) Thank you.





INTRODUCING a new interactive experience to generate pace setting results for any service or product based business. Stop wasting time trying to keep up with the standard. Tap into new levels of possibilities, and set the standard. This true mastermind experience will teach you how to:

 Master the power of influence and persuasion to land high caliber clientele and move quickly into fast growing and emerging markets.

 Implement proven systems to become the "Innovators" in your industry...FASTER!


Learn the NEW 21st century entrepreneurial  leadership strategies that lead to massive growth and impact

 Create a perfect, scientifically based, message-to-market match preventing potential clients from shopping around.

 Leverage communication and collaboration to generate new innovative and progressive products and services to build a 7-8 figure empire.

 Defy market standards and increase market trust quickly and effectively to make an impact and develop a truly unique value selling proposition.l

VIP-Q3 Significant Edge One Day Business Intensive
Jul 18, 2020, 8:00 AM
La Jolla