" I was working hard trying to get my business off the ground...Ashton Harvey thank you for everything you have done for me and helping me get my business off the ground"

Ryan Jones, P.E.A.C.E. University 

"I always though I was a fantastic sales woman... after a couple calls with Ashton and applying little tweaks I've been able to increase my sales conversions from about 20% to about 60%"

Ariana Dokes- Sales Professional

"I say if anyone is on the fence to joining Ashton Harvey's Significant Edge Program I say GO FOR IT!"

- Gage Willetson, Content Creator/ Influencer 


Corporate/ Team Training

Keynote Speaking


Ary Dokes 

Sales Professional

I always thought that I was a fantastic saleswoman. Thanks to working with him I have been able to make tiny tweaks that helped me increase my close rates from 30% to 60% within 3 months!

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Rebecca Korn 

Financial Fashionista

Ashton is a business difference maker! His Significant Edge program will help you stand out from the competition, tap into your creativity, and make your business the market leader. So glad to have had the opportunity to work directly with Ashton. If you have the opportunity to work with him as well... TAKE IT!


Carlos Saquira

Disruptors, LLC 

Ashton is the real deal! He knows his stuff. You stick around him long enough YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. I highly recommend you work with Ashton and his Significant Edge Program