Ashton Harvey

Hey Everyone,
My name is Ashton Harvey. I'm a Father, Husband and Global Sales Enablement Leader Sales on a mission to help 1 MILLION sales professionals WIN BIG in life and business. 

I'm also the Co-Founder of Yellow Threads Co. a revolutionary clothing company that makes fashionable and medically functional clothing for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The Significant Edge Academy brings together highly successful sales professionals from around the globe to share resources and leverage networks to amplify our impact. I hope you will make the decision to apply to be a part of our community. We look forward to helping you achieve your full potential and maximize your impact
Lastly, I believe true success is measured by the life you live and the lives you change, that's what it means to BE SIGNIFICANT! With that understanding take care of yourself and if possible, take care of someone else too. 


I remember when I was 12 years old, sitting outside with the summer Orange Country sun beating down on my back. On the outside I was sweating, but on the inside I was stoked on life! It was me and my friend of 6 years David sitting side by side ready to stand up and walk across the stage graduated 6th graders. I was pumped! It was the best day of my life. Now, this wouldn’t be an exciting story unless you understood what I thought at the time in my 12 year old mind. What I was thinking was NO more homework, NO more teachers telling me what to do, and an endless summer because this day was the final day of school. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! As you know that simplistic way of thinking was WAY off base. As you can tell I didn’t have a fond relationship with the traditional education system. I was one of those kids who liked to ask "WHY?" and try to do things differently all the time. I loved holding experiment and ask "I wonder what would happen if I did this?" No wonder biology and science came so easily to me. At the end of the day not all school was bad. The best part of school for me was not learning the Patagonian therm, or what capital belonged to which state. It was interacting with friends on lunch or recess,  learning the soft skills of relationship building. The art of conflict resolution, building trust, and improving communication. I didn't call it that back then. I just liked talking to people!

Now, growing up I did just about everything that everybody told me to do to become successful. I went to school, got decent grades, got into college, studied biology because it was easy to me. I knew I wanted to make an impact in other peoples lives and my parents said "Well, your good at biology. Why don't you apply to go to medical school. By the age of 23 I ended up with $50K in student loans and personal debts, I was single, living at home with my parents, working 2 dead end jobs, going to community college to finish up last minute classes for medical school. Let me pause for a second, and remind you, I was fed up with school back in the 6th grade, Now I’m sitting in my room in the dark contemplating going to school for another 8 years, and racking up over $200K of school debt, and for a career I wasn’t really passionate about. Needless to say I was actively looking for a better option.


While working one of my jobs as a server I met an amazing young woman named Charity Munos who would later become my first  "formal" business mentor. My parents especially my mom taught me everything about how to handle people, situations, and the power of persistence. Charity and her Husband were the first ones to teach me how to put it all together to run my own business! I always say when the student is ready the teacher appears. They got me started running my first business which failed horribly. Now, able to look back on to why I failed, because I believe its good to fail, but its better to learn why you failed. I learned that my focus was completely on the wrong things. I was solely focused on the money, and not the impact. This was a lesson then became the catalyst behind my significant edge program. Clinton advised me to start looking to a job to create a stream of income to support myself, and my next business if I wanted to try again.

My first job in the corporate setting was for a medical device manufacture in PHONE SALES! I was placed into a territory that was failing day by day, my field rep was non-existent, and I was loosing business to my competition who was able physically walk into my accounts and steal my business. I had to do something different, and making more calls was not going to be the solution! I started reading biographies of highly successful people, attended seminars on leadership and sales, and spent countless hours studying some of the fasted growing companies in the world. I wanted to know exactly what these people and companies were doing that was different that made them successful! I finally realized that these corporations these people were not successful, they were something more, they achieved the level beyond success which I call "Significance", and that was when "The Significant Edge" was born. I implemented the new system in my territory and was able to grow it from $500K to $1.8M in two years all over the phone. I did this all while being able to make less calls than my colleagues. I eventually got promoted to sale trainer teaching "The Significant Edge" and how to build trust with your accounts quicker, how to optimize your sales cycle, and the mentality necessary to push through the difficult times. I then took my training outside my job into local companies and helped them increase sales in less time within their companies too! That is when "One Minute Mentors" was started. I wanted to help Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, and Businesses maximize there most valued asset TIME to make the greatest impact in their lives and the lives of their communities. My wife and I utilized this exact same process to develop our clothing Company Yellow Threads Co. 

I now train and  speak on stages around the world teaching everything I know about business, innovation, leadership, and sales.  I firmly believe that Creativity, Curiosity, and Innovation are the building blocks of progress. I've made it my goal to bring creativity and curiosity back into the hearts of the millions of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.


About Ashton Summary 
  • John Maxwell Certified  Leadership and Personal Development Coach

  • Global Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

  • Creator of the Significant Edge Program

  • 6+ Years of Sales and Marketing Experience

  • CMO/ Co-Founder of Yellow Thread Co. 

  • 6+ years of Personal Development Experience 

  • Investor

  • Avid Traveler