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Start Your Tech Sales Career Today

A 1-day career building live INteractive Training to help you Break into the lucrative world of Tech Sales within

30 days.

$197 Registration fee

Seats are limited to 50 people

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Presented by Ashton Harvey,
Founder Significant Edge Academy.

Ashton is a sales enablement leader in the tech industry with over 7 years of sales and enablement experience. He has trained over 900+ sales professionals and continues to look for more ways to help others make more money and close more deals!

Working at Home

Resume Optimization

Optimize your resume with or with out formal sales experience to get noticed by sales leaders and recruiters instantly

Business Presentation

Sales Fundimentals 

Learn how to sell! We're confident you will land your dream tech sales job. Lets give you the systems and process that will make you successful when you get there

Two people shaking hands

Interview Prep

Role Plays

Learn the ins and outs of sales interviews. You will learn the common interview questions along with how to overcome the toughest objections.

Colleagues Working in Office

Sales Tech Stack Fundimentals

Every organization has a "Tech Stack" a line up of tools and technology to help close deals like CRM's and cadence builders. Learn about the Tech stack you would be leveraging in your new role. 

Business Team
No upcoming events at the moment


If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents to support aspiring sales professionals with interview prep and role play we would love for you to join the team.

Please complete application form HERE

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