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Why we give back

I believe that each of us passes through this life only once, and when we are given the chance to give back, it never fails to do so. 
You give back because you understand the importance of the positive impact it has on the people you help, but also every person involved. That is why 20% of all profits are donated, because its not just about One Minute Mentors... its about YOU!
For myself, I chose to work with Yellow Threads Co. and there Mission Cancer Heroes Program. Three years ago when I met my wife Brittany we would talk about how our days went. One night she came home and was emotionally upset. She had a kiddo come into the clinic that day who had to get sedated so he could receive radiation treatment. To access the child's port/ central line for sedation (located in their upper chest) the nurse had to take off the child's shirt completely and put him in a gown. Imagine child scared, and uncomfortable laying on a cold table, getting pocked with a needle. Unfortunately at the time there were no clothes on the market that allowed children to get their ports accesses without having to take off there shirt... till now. Yellow Threads Co. is on a mission to make every child a honorary super here with there very own Cape, Shield, and Comfortable Port Access Top. Yellow Threads Co. strives to instill hope and confidence into those living with cancer around the world. With there easy port access tops children are able to keep there shirts on as the nurse accesses there port.
We all have our own stories that dictate why we do, what we do. That's just my story. If accepted into the Significant Edge Training 20% of all profits from the program will get directly donated to the Yellow Threads Co. Mission Cancer Heroes Donate One Program!
You have many ways to give back...
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About Yellow Threads Co.
Yellow Threads Co. is a revolutionary clothing company that is changing the way the fashion industry views creativity. Designing Highly fashionable and Medically Functional clothing for Adults and Children living with cancer 
Yellow Threads Co
The mission of yellow threads co. is to inspire hope and confidence into the lives of the millions of people battling life changing diseases every day. Our hope is to help people find the courage to live life defined by who they are, and not by there diagnosis. 

20% of all Profits are donated to 

~Every Child Deserves To Be A Superhero ~

Mission Cancer Heroes 

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