Significant Edge™ Private One Day 

Business Intensive


An innovative and interactive training for Entrepreneurial CEO's, Business Owners, 

Leaders, and Consultants

"A truly interactive experience that helped broaden my understanding of my industry. I leanerd so much from the interactive training. Thank you Ashton for puting on this amazing event" Gina C. Broker (Option One Realty) 

ONe Minute Mentors, LLC Presents:


San Diego, CA


Saturday 28th September

The Significant Edge™ Private One Day Business Intensive with Ashton Harvey

This event Guarantees to provide you the following to increasing your influence, Increase sales, and find your significant edge over the competition.:
  • Masterminding Opportunities with Elite Professionals from around the nation

  • How to achieve purpose, balance and fulfillment in business and in life.

  • The Uncommon, common sense approach to developing high quality innovative ideas, products and services

  • Communication tactics to enhancing collaboration within your organization. 

  • Enhancing your presentation skills, and EI skills to massively increase your Influence, Income and Impact.

  • Proprietary "Productivity to Profits" training

  • Mastering the NEW entrepreneur leadership standards of the 21st century. 

  • Learn the E.V.O.L.V.E mentality that every entrepreneurial leader posses that leads to improved innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction​​

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Two major Guarantees:

You will have fun

*Lunch and Dinner*


You will leave with a Powerful family Of Business Leaders

The unique Fundamental Techniques and training cost Ashton in excess of 8,000 Hours and over 6 years of study to develop. The Significant Edge™ Intensive will teach you the proven key principles That lead to Massive growth all in one day.

We will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Where are you currently in business?


Deep in business debt, and unable to sustain a constant client leads. Sales are inconsisten, and you are trying to figure out how to pay the bills month over month. There is very little sence of dircetion and clarity. 


Your able to cover your bills. Your debt is slowly diminishing. Month over month you are making enough to stay in business, but not enough to start scaling your business


Your business is in full scale mode. Profit margins are increasing. Your in the green as a company with little to no business debt. Starting to expand. Looking to branch your company into new markets


Your business is making an impact in both your communities and with the clients you serve. You are building a legacy business that allows you to invest both your time and money into your passions and charities. You are able to give back in a MAJOR WAY

Please read carefully:


NOTE: This is not a conference. This is not a seminar. This is a full blown one day business acceleration and true mastermind EXPERIENCE! Held at a very exclusive setting that will reveal to you a completely new way of executing in your business and organization.


NOTE: The content Ashton will be covering is 100% proprietary. You do not have permission to record or share the content with anyone.

Special Note: This event is designed to teach you the skills to connect with people who will help massively scale your business. COLLABORATION increases speed! In this new era of business its the fast that take out the slow. Increase your speed to market strategy by getting around fellow action taking entrepreneurial leaders like yourself!

An Event Like No Other Guaranteed:

This is an event that combines every aspect of learning including traditional training, tactile education, and a high level hands one on one role playing. Come prepared to launch your life and business to the next level. 

Meet Your Speaker & Mentor

Meet Ashton Harvey

"The Difference Maker"

Ashton Harvey is a Business Innovation and Process Optimization Specialist. He is one of the top experts in innovative business systems, thriving on helping businesses and leaders push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to set new standard in industries and within their company.

Ashton specializes in helping businesses pursue marketplace significance through innovation and impact. He believes that no matter what area of business you are in or organization that your apart of, you are always dealing with people, so if you now how to build stronger relationships, develop products and services  that serve a need and leverage the skills of adding value and building trust with others you will never have to stress about success ever again.


Ashton is the Co-Founder alongside his wife, Brittany of Yellow Threads Company, a revolutionary clothing company changing the way the fashion industry views creativity.

Yellow Threads Co. designs and manufactures high quality fashionable and medically functional clothing for adults and children living with cancer, giving them fashionable options that allow easy access to their ports on infusion days.

Ashton also founded “One Minute Mentors” to help business owners and Leaders maximize their most valuable asset they possess; TIME to make the greatest impact in their lives and communities with the greatest ROIT (Return on Invested Time).

Ashton now speaks on stages internationally teaching his Significant Edge program to leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs helping them break 6 and 7 figure revenue marks by developing high quality innovative and pace setting products and services that make them market leaders in their industries.

He aims to bring creativity and innovation back into the hearts of the millions of entrepreneurs around the globe.


INTRODUCING a new interactive experience to generate pace setting results for any service or product based business. Stop wasting time trying to keep up with the standard. Tap into new levels of possibilities, and set the standard. This true mastermind experience will teach you how to:

 Master the power of influence and persuasion to land high caliber clientele and move quickly into fast growing and emerging markets.

 Implement proven systems to become the "Innovators" in your industry...FASTER!


Enhance employee productivity and client satisfaction with the NEW 21st century entrepreneurial  leadership strategies

 Create a perfect, scientifically based, message-to-market match preventing potential clients from shopping around.

 Leverage communication and collaboration to generate new innovative and progressive products and services to build a 7-8 figure empire.

 Defy market standards and increase market trust quickly and effectively to make an impact and develop a truly unique and significant business model

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