Significant Edge™ Private Three Day 

Business Intensive

The Premier Training Grounds For Entrepreneurial CEO's, Business Owners, 

and Leaders Around The Nation

"A truly interactive experience that helped broaden my understanding of my industry... I'm walking away with enhanced clarity and direction to take my business to the next level" Ryan J. CEO Peace University 

Exclusive Invitation

ONe Minute Mentors, LLC Presents:

The Cabin

Big Bear Lake, CA

The Significant Edge™ *ALL INCLUSIVE* Private Three Day Business Intensive

This event Guarantees to provide you the following to increasing market share, sales, and impact within your industry:
  • Mastermind with leaders and entrepreneurs from around the nation.

  • Become a skillful persuasive speaker and presenter  

  • Communication tactics to enhancing innovation and collaboration within your organization. 

  • Learn the strategies to 

  • Mastering the NEW leadership standards of improving employee engagement and productivity for the 21st century

  • Lessons to increase profit margins, and implement a proven sales system that produces speed to market results

  • Gain calrity and insight into 

We will take you from where you are to where you want to be in business. 

The 4 stages of Business


Deep in business debt, and unable to sustain constant client leads. Sales are inconsisten, and you are trying to figure out how to pay the bills month over month. There is very little sence of dircetion and clarity.  Focused on the here and now, NOT the Future


Your able to cover your bills. Your debt is slowly diminishing. Month over month you are making enough to stay in business, but not enough to start scaling your business


Your business is in full scale mode. Profit margins are increasing. Your in the green as a company with little to no business debt. Starting to expand. Looking to branch your company into new markets


Your business is making an impact in both your communities and with the clients you serve. You are building a legacy business that allows you to invest both your time and money into your passions and charities. You are able to give back in a MAJOR WAY

AT The Edge


ARE the star

We expect you to openly share what HAS worked for you and what is CURRENTLY working in your business, while also addressing your biggest problems and obstacles. This is your opportunity to demonstrate Mastery, Earn Trust, and.... 


The Scale Always Tips In Your Favor When Applying This Formula

Please read carefully:


NOTE: This is not a conference. This is not a seminar. This is a full blown three day business acceleration and true mastermind EXPERIENCE! Held at a very exclusive setting that will reveal to you a completely new way of executing in your business.


NOTE: The content Ashton and the Attendees will be sharing is 100% proprietary. You do not have permission to record or share the content with anyone.

Special Note: This event is designed to connect you with people who will help massively scale you business. The new age in business is COLLABORATION to increase speed. It is no longer the big that takeout the small, but the fast that take out the slow. Increase your speed to market strategy by getting around fellow go getter entrepreneurs like yourself!

An Event Like No Other Guaranteed:

This is an event that combines every aspect of learning including traditional training, tactile education, and a high level hands one on one role playing. Come prepared to launch your business to the next level. 

Your Speakers & Mentors

Meet Ashton Harvey

"The Difference Maker"

After landing a job as an inside sales rep for a medical device manufacture. Ashton quickly found himself trying to close sales over the phone with a declining territory, absent field representative, and in competition with high caliber reps walking in and stealing his business.


Ashton had to do something new and different. Traditional wisdom was make more calls, close more sales. After doing exhaustive research on "successful" sales reps, individuals, and organizations. He Realized that these people and organizations were not successful at all! He realizes there was something more about them. They obtained a level beyond success that was never talked about in books or seminars. They were significant they attracted wealth and success to them, because of the impact they were creating around them.


He decided to implement a different strategy that he now calls "The Significant Edge". This new strategy took his territory from a faltering $500K dollar territory to a thriving $1.5M dollar territory within a 2 year period. He started training his colleagues on his tactics helping them achieve similar results. Now, he shares this exact strategy with Leader, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs internationally who are looking to increase there influence and impact in there communities.


He now specializes in helping individuals and organizations develop new innovative systems, thriving on helping them push the boundaries of creativity and curiosity to set new standards in their industries something seldom ever taught in the entrepreneurial space today. Helping business pursue marketplace significance over success is his passion! He believes that no matter what area of business you are in or organization that your apart of, you are always dealing with people, so if you now how to build stronger relationships, develop products and services that serve a need and leverage the skills of adding value and influencing others you will never have to stress about success ever again.


Ashton uses the skills tough in The Significant EDGE to close million dollar account for clients, develop a strong network of relationships, and help entrepreneurs like yourself become market leaders. He believes every person has the opportunity to truly live and leave a legacy. You just need to know the right steps to get there, How to stay there and become Significant!

Meet Dan Mangena

Meet Dan Mangena

"The Connector"

After receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s and experiencing life-shattering trauma at age 20, Daniel spent seven years struggling to keep the effects of these events from spilling into every aspect of his life.

Daniel initially developed Beyond Intention as a lifeline while he grappled with suicidal thoughts and ideation. This simple, four-step process transformed his life from misery to celebration. Daniel realized he could help others do the same, and thus Beyond Intention was born.

Daniel discovered a path to lasting joy and purpose in his life, and he wants nothing more than to share the tools that saved his life. To that end, he lives by this mission statement:


“Spearhead an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness by awakening people to the importance of their Unique Role already encoded within. This deep and often ignored or undervalued passion is defined as their Dream.”


Daniel shares his vision of empowerment and joy globally through public speaking, workshops, books he has authored, blogging and his “Do it With Dan” podcast series. In addition, Daniel offers individual and group coaching and consultations.


Daniel is also a voracious reader, publicly documenting his challenge to read a book every week. He loves to travel, writes and performs as a singer-songwriter, practices Kundalini yoga, meditation and stays active with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He is an outspoken promoter of entrepreneurial philanthropy, as well as an ambassador for the Mangena Foundation. He works with several charities across the globe and considers himself a patron of many.

Meet Daniel Mathews

Linkedin Optimization 


From corporate health care to marketing entrepreneur and agency owner! Daniel Matthews started from square one and did not have an overnight success story.  Daniel went from having no prior background in marketing to now helping companies of all different sizes and types increase their sales, develop their brands and consult with many amazing businesses!


He also started his own marketing agency, Daniel Matthews Media which was founded on the basis of being a different kind of marketing agency.  Daniel Matthews Media’s purpose is to consult, educate and diagnose individual business needs to offer only the best marketing solutions.


Daniel believes there is a solution to everything and solutions are discovered through team work, relationships and collaboration.


“Everyone has the same potential, always making progress gets you to unbelievable places in your life.” - Daniel Matthews

Meet Julius hammond

Business Credit Repair Specialist

Julius Hammond was born to two beautiful parents Joe Hammond & Wendy Mashell-Nunn in 1984. He played all three sports Basketball, Baseball & Football, he even played the drums for his Grandmother's church since the age of 11.


Julius grew up in an Entrepreneur family environment were his parents ran a 3 home group home named "Julius House Foundation Inc. Julius has persevered through a lot in his life and now he runs multiple successful business. He's a Credit Consultant were he helps individuals work on their credit and shows them strategic ways to leverage their credit to obtain Capital for their business. Part owner of a barbershop and has a variety of other income producing business that will help perpetuate others to the next level of success.


Julius also has a weekly podcast called "The Successful Entrepreneur", Where he is teaching others how to go out in the world and accomplish everything that they are meant to accomplish by using the gifts that God has given them since birth.

Meet yuri Choi

Mindfulness Coach

Yuri Choi is a performance and fulfillment coach for entrepreneurs and top performers. She helps them find fulfillment and bring authentic power back into their lives to maximize their achievement impact while living the life that they love. This is all accomplished through mindful practice, mindset training, and helping them create discipline for more impact habits. 

She is seeing the biggest gap in our generation continue to get bigger and bigger. The gap is being filled with additions, loneliness, and disconnection. Yuri is on a mission to fill that void with love, connection, and compassion. 

Yuri is known as "The Connector". She is a speaker, writer and very passionate about creating lasting positive impact on people. Moving from Korea at a young age, struggling to learning English to almost losing her mother to suicide in her teenage years, to losing her father to cancer soon after. Needless to say she has faced many adversities in her life. Despite everything she chooses to continue powerfully live her life with purpose and with passion to help others from her wisdom gained from her personal life experience. 

On her free time she calls in Encinitas, CA home. She is a yogi, artist, plays music, loves meeting new people and literally laughing out loud!

She is bringing  a powerful mindset adjustment for everyone attending this impact filled event. Come prepared to break through all your challenges!


Now that you're plugged in, you'll listen as each privileged member OPENLY SHARES in detail, without holding anything back, exactly what systems they're using to crush it in there markets


Not to worry we will protect all members with a non-disclosure on arrival. What happens at the "The Significant Edge" stays in "The Significant Edge". Same goes to your challenges and struggles. 


You get to "ethically" steal processes and strategies  that are currently working from each member and install it into your business without making mistakes or loosing precious time. 

You'll listen as they share their challenges and obstacles and bare witness as a room of highly successful leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs overcome them, typically within a matter of minutes.

We cant "Fix em" if you wont "Share em" if for some odd reason you think you don't have challenges or struggles, that's an even bigger reason to attend. You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

You must be willing to share... the GOOD and the BAD. This means if you've got a strategy or a system you're using to crush it right now, you'll openly share it with the members.



Upon arrival, you will have a group of high level rock stars completely  focused on Exponentially Growing Your Business.

Assuming the Significant Edge Blows your socks off and you are happy with the strategies, deals, relationships, and plans we crank out for you, you'll want to keep attending out future masterminds. 

You will be Sold


Our Core Values






INTRODUCING a new interactive experience to generate pace setting results for any service or product based business. Stop wasting time trying to keep up with the standard. Tap into new levels of possibilities, and set the standard. This true mastermind experience will expose you to:

 Engagement with Action taking world class individuals nationwide focused on supporting one an other. Connection in business and life is where the magic starts, and the opportunity to change the direction of your venture forever.  

 Implement proven systems to become the "Innovators" in your industry...FASTER!


Enhance employee productivity and client satisfaction with the NEW 21st century leadership strategies

 Create a perfect, scientifically based, message-to-market match preventing potential candidates from shopping around.

 Leverage communication and collaboration to generate new innovative and progressive products and services to build a 7-8 figure empire.

 Defy market standards and increase market trust quickly and effectively to make an impact and develop a truly unique and significant business model

At the conclusion of the mastermind, I'll ask you one simple question. "You Tasted it, touched it, you felt it, you smelt it, ​ARE YOU IN?. Then we'll discuss becoming a full-fledged member

If you're out, well... There is NO Sales Pitch. If you attend "The Significant Edge" and you choose not to become a member, don't worry about it. You wont get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind.

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