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Launch Your Career In Tech Sales

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Significant Edge Sales Academy recruits, trains, and connects top sales talent from untapped markets with our amazing hiring partners who seek to add diversity to their growing sales organizations

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Sales experience or a degree from a major university is not required. If you have the drive and motivation to succeed in tech sales, we want you to join our community today. Click below to get started!

What is tech sales anyways?

Tech sales is the process of selling technology as software, hardware, or IT service. Professionals in the field are responsible for identifying potential clients, building relationships, and closing deals that meet their needs. 

Do You Need To Have Formal Sales Experience To Get Started In Tech Sales?

Short answer, not much if any. We are all born sellers, Our job is to help refine, hone and developed your sales skills to thrive in your new tech sales role. Many tech companies are willing to hire candidates with strong academic background or relevant experience from other industries such as customer facing roles like customer service, Hospitality, and restaurant/ food and beverage server

Why Should You Concider Tech Sales?

There is a growing demand to incorporate technology into every aspect of business and life. The tech sales profession offers exciting opportunities for career growth, high earnings potential, and the chance to work in a hybrid or remote with cutting-edge products and services. Tech sales professionals play a critical role in helping companies leverage technology to improve their operations. NOT TO MENTION tech sales professionals are in HIGH DEMAND 

What Does Work-Life Balance Look LIke In Tech Sales?

While tech sales can be a demanding and competitive field, many companies recognize the importance of work-life blend in attracting and retaining top talent. Most companies offer flexible PTO or even the option to work remotely, which can help in creating better work-life balance. 

What our students are Saying


Donte Lewis
Inside Sales Rep.

" I just attended Ashton Harvey's Significant Edge Sales bootcamp and I cannot wait to get my career started in Tech sales! Ashton is a dynamic and professional trainer. If you get the chance to attend one of his trainings in person, don't hesitate, just go!"


Katy Ricardo
Sales Development Rep

"If anyone is on the fence about joining the Significant Edge Sales Program. here is the simple answer... just do it!"


Elija Awoke
Enterprise SDR

“I always thought that I was a fantastic salesman. Thanks to working with Ashton I have been able to make tiny tweaks that helped me increase my close rates from 30% to 60% within 3 months!”


Kristopher Rush
Digital Account Executive

"Ashton is dynamic, engaging and super supportive! Getting started in tech sales seemed way out of reach, but after attending todays bootcamp i feel empowered to take the next step in my career. Thank you Ashton and team."

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